Circular type MJ-VESC

1. What is MJ-VESCular?

"VESCular" is a circular MJ-VESC. The VESCular is compact and has complete hardware compatibility with existing VESC6.

The latest Firmware in the existing VESC6 works well in VESCular with little modification.

Because it is a circular type, it can be built into the back of the actuator and it is equipped with an AS5047p encoder on board, which gives accurate location control performance using a magnetic encoder.

Based on the current VESC6 latest Firmware, MJ-VESC firmware was developed by adding custom applications.

VESCular with MJ-VESC firmware can be useful for robot applications with accurate location control algorithms, such as Degree Per Second (DPS) speed control and Goto control, in addition to all existing functions provided by VESC.

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